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# Changelog
Welcome to Leons detailed changelog. I hope you're having a wonderful day. Here are the most recent:
Changes to the Schemaforge Front- and Backend. 

## Performance
- Switching to a stateless Jena Fuseki server in the backend. This cuts down the Pylode pre-processing time from ~ 1 minute to ~ 5 seconds
- Introducing selective loading for the labels which improves the html visualization from ~2 minutes to ~ 10  seconds
- Automated building and end to end testing in the CI CD pipeline on Gitlab
## Visualization
- Unresolvable links, mostly with the prefix ht</span>tps:// have been removed as hyperlinks and added as plaintext
- Resolvable codes from the sources of SNOMED, LOINC, CHOP and GENO have been added as a hyperlink as opposed to plaintext
- Extending a SPHN class will result in the visualization of the SPHN class as well as the changes made in the project scope
- External teminologies are supported and recognized as such if a file is named as ontology_*.ttl, mostly labels are pulled from the external terminology
- The hasSharedIdentifier property is introduced as a default to extend sphn:Sample and sphn:SubjectPseudoIdentifier, these will always appear as extended SPHN classes in the visualization 

## Security
- A cleanup job runs every Day that deletes files that have not been interacted with for longer than 2h
- The upload limit has been increased from 5mb to 75mb to support larger external ontologies
- Implemented a upload limit of 10 total files per user
- .png upload has been disabled. Upload will complete for the following: '.xlsx', '.ttl', '.json'
- Default sphn rdf is always returned: [GitLab sphn_rdf_schema.ttl (](

## Front-End
- Added a :sparkles: progress bar :sparkles: